Giant Baby

So - I admit it. I am a baby. I am afraid of stupid things. Like bugs, and heights, and any creature that takes flight.

In particular anything that flies.

I do not like birds or any insect of any kind but add the option of flight and that insect or bird is my worst enemy.

I do not agree with a creature having three dimensions of free movement when I really only have two.

I am afraid of butterflies.

Yes. Butterflies.

I realize the rest of the world looks at butterflies as harmless creatures that flit and flutter about in their beauty. I do not see that. I see an erratic, dirty moth in a beautiful ball gown. Moths are dirty. I am NOT fooled by the beauty and pretty colors of a butterfly. You remove their colors and pretty dress and they are just common, toothless, trailer park trash like their moth cousins. Don't fool yourself, my friends. They just want to fly about to get caught in my hair, much like a rabid bat.

So this weekend, I took a big step. I confronted the fear. A little immersion therapy.

The thing is - like all my fears - I get comfortable, somewhat after a while.

I met my friend at the Nature Museum where I would actually enter the butterfly habitat.

This was me whenever a butterfly fluttered near:

And really...can you blame me? Look at all of them in this small region waiting to take flight and attack:

yeah yeah yeah...I get it. They are pretty:

But really who are we to judge a book by its cover? Sure they are pretty - but you don't know what is going on in their minds.

Next stop: I am going to enter the bird house at the zoo and not cower like a freak and run out like a maniac...perhaps next weekend.

**Special thanks to: Hope for taking that fantastic photo and Meaghan for once saying "Moths are dirty" and for some reason that stuck with me.


Frost Cake Co. said...

When I went to the butterfly house in St. Louis, one landed on my shoulder and decided to folow me around. I was wearing Baby Lotion...butterflies like baby lotion. Go visit them stinky and they will stay away.

Mere said...

Can you not tell I am stinky from that photo. I rode my bike miles to get there. I smelled...unpleasantly.