So....turns out: I found my dream man:

Too bad he would have celebrated his 151st birthday this year.

Obviously he is dead.

He is Theodore Roosevelt.

The reason I may be single FOREVER? They don't make Theodore Roosevelts anymore.

Extinct this breed is.

I mean sure...there may be one or two in about a million running around, so hunting this down is a job and a half.

Let's go through some traits that T.R. has:

Educated, Harvard style: check
Intelligent: check
Wealthy Family: check
Clever: check
Fearless and Brave: check
Man's Man: check
Everyone that personally knows him, loves him: check
Beefy: check

I just described my perfect man. I can let up on the Harvard and wealthy family - obviously. When one dreams - dream big. But still. Are you going to find all these qualities today?

Hell no.

Do you think someone that went to Harvard would actually be brave enough to fight in war on horseback or lead an expedition down an unknown river in the Amazon?

HELL NO. Mommy and Daddy would not have it.

What happened to this era?

I'll tell ya: It went the way of the dodo bird along with fancy hats and appropriate dress.

What happened to men NOT only being brilliant but also being brave?

Today, you either get some smart dude that would hire someone to install a shelf or some tough guy that thinks higher education is a waste of time.

The species divided and I don't get why or how.

And hey - I will admit the ladies of the world aren't exactly pulling their weight on these renaissance ideas of mine. I just happen to NOT be that incompetent lady. So in my reality: The men have failed me.

I will need to look up some lineage. Meredyth Roosevelt sounds like a regal lady of good breeding. I shall settle for nothing less.

Unfortunately - in today's world I can only think of one family that breeds intelligence with the bravery of war and big game hunting: The Windsor Family.

Really...has the marriage of bravery and smarts become so nonexistent that it is only available in other lands when a crown is involved?

Those Windsor boys are not beefy enough for my taste. But surely they please others. Just the other day Wills called me and asked me for marriage and I said, and I quote "gain 50 lbs and we will talk. I don't know how many stones that is - but surely you can figure that"

For God's sake people!!! Save America! Save the world! Teach your girls to be intelligent and bake a cake. Teach your boys to hit the books and shoot a buck!

Let's get some balance...we can in fact, can be it all.

Stop fitting into a stereotype!!


Amy Beth Kloner said...

Freakin love this.

Meredyth Roosevelt.

Hey, do you think he should qualify for an ASU honorary degree? hahahahaha.....

Crystal said...

So. Dr Phil wrote a book called "How to Find the One You Want." My mother gave me this book for my 25th birthday.

Dr Phil says that it's improbable to find one person that houses every single quality you're looking for. He says realistically, you have to give some of your wishes up. When you meet the man who has 80% of the qualities you're looking for, date him, cuz it's probably the best you're going to get.

So... I'd give that Prince William another chance.

amelita said...

bravery and fearlessness? mere...these are not qualities needed in a man of today's world. he will not be hunting wooly mammoths or galloping through lincoln park on his noble steed, sword fighting the locals who dare offend his lady. unless you seek a live-action role player. but nobody seeks those. intelligence, sense of humor, beef...and a functional dong. this is all your man needs.

bravery and fearlessness. bah.