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When you choose choose my best friend, Sarah.

He could die.

Then we are left with this run the free world.

I love when then the response is "well the president really don't anything without advisement"

DUDE.....YOU want a moron representing the US? You want her seeking advisement and making a reasonable choice? Have you seen the interviews? The woman is rumored to not believe in dinosaurs. It ain't Santa is BONES. IF NOT ACTUAL BONES THEN FOSSILIZED IMPRINTS OF LARGE BONES. She should consider flying to Chicago and taking a look at Sue.

*by the way - not sure that is true...

Let us remember: the only reason she is Governor is because she ran against the current unpopular Governor.

So let me break this down for you:

For those outside of IL: Our Gov is nuts. He lives within a mile from me. I try to find him on runs and I can't...if only I could.

For those in IL:
I COULD RUN AGAINST ROD TOMORROW...I guarantee you - I would win.

Then, when I am picked by the maverick for the next election, as VP...when you ask me what foreign countries I have visited - I am NOT going to include Japan and Korea where I simply made a stop over. Even though I was in Korea for near 24 hours. Nor will I say that I can see Canada from the Sears Tower on a clear day. I don't even know if that is possible - but that is how absurd it all is.

However....the US can take comfort in knowing...I am far more intelligent than this Palin character.

God Bless. Vote Obama.

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Meaghan said...

I especially enjoyed her crack at Biden's age in a speech the other night. The one where she had the clever little remark about hearing Biden's speeches since she was in 2nd grade. Then when it was pointed out to her that she maybe souldn't joke about Biden's age when she is running with a 72 year old, she tried to say that she meant he had a lot of experience. It is also funny that she tried to make us believe that she has been listening to political speeches since she was 7 and not just 2 months ago.