Douche Bags and Drool

Today on the way home on the L, I was trying my hardest to stay awake. I have had two unproductive nights of sleep. Which is odd for me. Perhaps I should just ride the L all night. It seems to put me to sleep.

I had to stay awake. I was in a aisle seat so I knew if I fell asleep I would either find my head nuzzled in the crotch of the woman standing next to me or on the shoulder of the man seated next to me. I kept falling asleep and awaking two seconds later.

I gave up and just let it go. Then I woke up because I felt something wet between my boobs. My head was down, my chin to my chest, my mouth open with a hearty stream of drool flowing from my mouth into my shirt.

I am hot.

I went for a bike ride on the lake front path. I don't even know why I go to the path. It irritates me. There are the obvious annoyances - like people that INSIST on walking, biking, running side by side.

Today there was a man riding his bike in what would be my blind spot if we were driving. uuuuuuugggggghhhhh.....why would you do that. Either pass me or get behind me. I'd slow, he would slow. I would speed up, he would speed up. He was all up in my pocket, if you will. I did not like it.

However there is one thing I really hate more than anything: Rollerbladers.

1. Rollerbladers have very wide strides and I can't fucking stand it. It is always a near accident when I need to pass the side by siders because inevitably a god damneded rollerblader is coming in the opposite direction taking up their lane and the lane in the opposite direction. They are bent over like Olympic speed skaters and it is super nerdy and they should be issued a ticket of some sort for the whole display.

2. There is just no way around it. I am sorry...if you rollerblade, you are a douche bag. There is no word that describes a rollarblader better than douche bag. Who the heck rollerblades? It is 2008. Let's get rid of this whole rollerblading thing. It is so mid-90's. Do they even sell rollerblades anymore?

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