I was to be dining on oysters tonight but I decided the snow would be too much of a hassle.

So ventured out to Dominick's to get myself a nice can of soup.

Soup...oysters...what is the difference?

It is dark time and the snow is falling at a pace that is not perfect but terrible. It is dry snow so it is light, not that big chunky-delicate-fall-to-the-ground, won't-you-kiss-me-on-that-midnight-street-sweep-me-off-my-feet kind of snow. (Only two people know what I speak of...but that is okay)

Anyway - there were some little kids laughing and running and sliding up and down the sidewalk. It was cute. I love the scene of a neighborhood: families, snow, christmas lights, So nice. Reminds one of being child. It just makes you smile.

THEN...enter loud obnoxious hip-hop tunes blaring out of a car. Yes...please blare your crappy music while you scream back and forth to your carmates and brush the snow off your car. FYI - if you turn down your tits and ass music you would not have to scream.

You ruined my pleasant moment. Thanks.

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