Apparently, I am now a movie critic.

I am NOT a movie critic. AT ALL. I don't look for meaning or depth in movies. I only want to be entertained for 90 minutes...and I certainly don't like ones based on good literature (little joke for Amber and Alyssa)

Tonight I saw Juno.

The only reason I mention this is because previously I mentioned my dismay with the crap fest of a movie: "Knocked Up" --- and since both are about unwanted pregnancies - I feel the need to mention Juno.

Loved it. Maybe I have a different sense of humor the the general public. But I also know that Denmark is not the same country as The Netherlands so I like to think my humor is more advanced and more intelligent.

On a scale of funny, KU ranks a 3, J ranks a 9.

Besides the humor I think the movie ends on a good note:

a. baby goes to a fit home
b. a teen gets to lead her life
c. childish man gets live out his pathetic dream of loft living

It should be noted that at the end of Knocked Up there are scenes of a seemingly happy existence. The Disney movie, Enchanted, is more realistic than that load of bastard child crap. Yes, that is correct, I 100% believe there is a better chance of a cartoon character turned human emerging out a manhole in Time Square than some dumb bitch that lives in her sister's backyard getting knocked up by some dope smoking loser and living happily ever after in designer clothing. Call me a bitter single 30 year old or call me realistic --- the choice is yours.

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Jacob & Crystal said...

Meredyth, I LOVED Juno!!! You're the only other person I know who saw it, which makes me a little sad, I feel like it deserves a big audience. On the other had, I kinda like to think of it as my own little treasure. Oh - you should get the soundtrack, too. It's been playing non-stop in my car for about 3 weeks.

I did not see Knocked Up. Not interested.