Unlocked Bikes

Apparently in Denmark people just leave their bikes unlocked on the streets. Yes, unlocked. Imagine living somewhere - where you could leave your bike unlocked and no one would steal it.

Obviously due to my current bike situation I am bitter about this.

I want to move here. I want to live somewhere, where the people do not steal. I would exchange the 2 hours of sunlight in the winter for no stealing. I hate filthy theiving Americans. HATE THEM. Why do people steal?

UGH! Hate them.

I have heard that the Danes hate the Thai people that live here. That is fine with me. I can learn to hate the Thai as long as it does not interfere with my eating of the Thai cuisine. I am fond of any dish that involves a wide flat rice noodle.


JELL said...

If you're moving there, I'm coming with you - I'm completely serious. Why haven't we discussed this before? Why don't you live there? Will your family let you live with them? Meredyth - who would chose Chicago over Denmark? LETS GO!!

Mere said...

I am serious. I going to try to be a mail order bride. However...all the ladies are good looking so I do not think they are short on available brides. Plus...I am sure ladies are looking to push out some babies to get their year off work paid.