I am currently in a small town in northern Denmark. I am related to 75% of the people that reside here. I do not kid.

The Scandanavian people are mostly good looking. I am good looking. The Scandanavians also do not steal. I do not steal.

If you are good looking in any manner and you are not a theif...chances are you can trace your roots to Scandanavia.

If you can not trace your roots to these fine are a hideous ill mannered theif. I'm not sayin' ... I'm just sayin'

I am also kidding. Geez...don't take me so seriously.

If you have a baby here = 1 year off work, paid by the gov't. Sign me up. I want to be a paid baby machine.


cametgirl said...

I am on my way! One year off paid? Lord, they know how to take care of their women! Who wouldn't want kids if they could get paid for it??? Americans are messed up...we knew this...I'm not sayin"...I'm just sayin' !!!

Mere said...
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Philip said...

My mother's maiden name is Jorgenson...hmmm....wonder where we are from.