Snowpocalypse 2011 17:15

Alright. I am cool. I decided to fill this jug with water in the event something truly unfortunate happens. I have only used this twice. Once for some delightful sangria taken upon an epic lake journey during the summer of 2010...and now for this epic blizzard.
It will now be known as 'The Epic Jug'.
I warmed up my BB gun.
I could totally be taking the this time indoors to be productive but instead I have decided that monitoring radars, drinking beer, joining a local militia, and waiting for an opportunity to loot is a better way to spend my time.


Amber said...

I don't understand. Why fill up a jug of water? Tell me the purpose of this, please.

Mere said... the likely event our pipes stop functioning and I can get to no life giving water for 18 hours. Don't come pounding on my door for water. I'll shoot your with my BB gun.

Jason said...